Paulista Institute

• Who are we

The Instituto Paulista for Treatment of Male Erectile Dysfunction was created in 1988 by Dr. Carlos Augusto Cruz de Araujo Pinto, CREMESP 54779, with the purpose of treating not just Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but also Ejaculatory Disorders. In the field of Erectile Dysfunction (sexual impotence), that is defined as "persistent incapacity to obtain or keep enough penile erection for a sexual activity", will be treated the problems related with the erectile phenomenon itself, and the part of the Ejaculatory Disorders will be treated the problems of premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, absence of orgasm, etc. Throughout these + 20 years of experience, Dr. Araujo was able to see the great growth that, happily, happened in that area

Until the 80's, most of the dysfunctions were taken as psychogenic origin. With the appearance of vasoactive intravenous drugs, it was possible to have a better study of the erection physiology, as well as how to treat any patient. This entire study generated a tremendous growth in treatments of intravenous, as well as the surgery proceedings. We can't forget to take into account the great importance of the development of oral treatments by the pharmaceutic industries, since then.

The Instituto Paulista's goal is to treat the patient with the best treatment there are, taking into account both physical problems and the psychological problems. In order to do that, Instituto Paulista has a multidisciplinary team, containing also Sexual Therapists.

The Instituto Paulista's location is off easy access, being easy to arrive both by car or bus, and yet, the office is very discreet. In case of surgical emergency, surgery is possible to be done in weekends, in which case, the patient does not have to skip work.