• Psychologial Aspects


The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may generate a deep effect in your life quality. The patient with ED loses his self-esteem and starts to deal with many negative thoughts such as frustration, anxiety, sadness and jitters.
This whole problem brings huge disorders for the intimate relationship leading to arguments and fights, and in some cases of despair the man might even try a "new relationship" to see if there's a improvement which leads to some cases of divorce.


The Erectile Dysfunction is a subject very hard to deal. The partner must try to encourage the man to seek for a treatment. Some ways might make it easier the search:

  • Talk with him about how ED affects you both, not only the man.
  • Support him while the tries to see how to treat himself and show him that it's more common than the thinks and it affects thousands of men.
  • Show him that a huge part of the cases it's a physical problem and not only a psychologic problem.
  • Remind him that this problem is treatable, encouraging him to seek a specialist, showing him that you're whiling to join him and help him choose the best treatment. To have someone by their side helps their "technician" and "psychological" understanding of what's going on.
  • By helping him, it shows the man that Erectile Dysfunction isn't, in any way possible, uncommon, although it affects thousands of men, very few open themselves and discuss the subject.
  • Mention that the existence of so many available resources nowadays opens a hope to a successful treatment and for sure encourages the man.


When it's not detected any organic problem that might be the cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it's classified as Psych genial ED. Some factors already shown in the item "Causes of ED".
The doctor will see between other points, the nature, lasting and quality from the erection such in the currently through life, the circumstances that the problem appeared and remained, relationships with the partner and possible factors of risk. Based on information, it will be possible to check if it's primary or secondary Dysfunction and in which cycle level of the sexual answers it happens (desire, boner, orgasm or resolution).