• Retrograde Ejaculation

For the treatment, it seeks to find the biological causes to this dysfunction, with medications, diabetes mellitus or recent pelvic surgery and with that optimize treatments. An indicator of this problem is the fact that the man cannot achieve an ejaculation after 20 or 30 minutes of sexual intercourse or comes to a stop by fatigue and irritation. After that all the possible organic causes are studied, may be necessary a support of sexual therapy for the issues solution.

Pharmacological causes - side effect of some medication. This type of erection disorder can be confirmed by the history of any surgical procedure as well as sperm evidence in simple urine test done after ejaculation. As the source of the problem may be indicated a pharmacist treatment, or surgical. Ref: Standard Practice in Sexual Medicine - Hartmut Porst and Jacques Buvat Drug treatment aims to produce contraction of the bladder neck during ejaculation.