• Impotence for Spinal Cord Injury

The wheelchair-bound man (with spinal cord injury) may have erection and ejaculation. In this cases, the man may have an erection when he sees a picture or something erotic that allows him even a penetration, but, often it ends not lasting much time.

In some cases, the quantity and quality of the ejaculate sperm may be compromised, which happens sometimes by the urinary infections that are very common on those who have this kind of injury.

The problem with the ejaculated sperm may be a complicated factor for the patient's kids. The sensibility in other part of the body (example: nipple, neck, etc.) may make the orgasm easier.

An erection is the entrance of the blood in the cavernosa corpora happens when provoked in a reflexive way, or psychogenic or both.

The psychogenic erection is the one that stimulates starts from the brain, goes down to the spinal cord and through the nerves arrives at the genital organs.

This kind of stimulation happens frequently when the man sees himself with situations that causes excitement or sexual desire for example the visual stimulation, tactile, smells, sounds or thoughts.

Which one of these stimulations is ruled by a spinal cord center and because of it, this local of the injury changes the erection's part in a different way, and can define the treatment to be followed.

It is required to evaluate the patient to see if his problem of erection can be solved with oral medications or injectable medications. In case it's not possible a good erection with clinic treatments, then it will be need to think in a penile implant that will give rigidity to the patient's penis. The type of implant to be used will be defined based on the clinical condition of the patient, in the dexterity to deal with the implant and the final condition of the patient. The use of inflatable implants is highly recommended to patients who need to self-probe.

As important as try to make better the physic part of the patient to achieve a good sexual intercourse, it's fundamental a lot of dialogue and compression between the couple to overcome the hard times of the limitations and to offer a very satisfactory sexual life.

Some options of behavior or treatment may help a sexual act and must be tested by patient:

  • Change in the body's positioning
  • Use of medication for the erection (medications by oral or injectable)
  • Implants of penile prosthesis