• Phimosis and Glans of Tyson

It is natural to exist a skin in tip of the penis (glans), but it should allow to be pulled back to expose the gland, facilitating hygiene. Phimosis is the lack of exposure of the glans by the traction of the skin covering the glans itself. Newborns up next to 3 years old usually does not have the extractable foreskin which usually occurs after this age. Often, it occurs in children between 3 to 4 years old and usually breaks up spontaneously. The treatment can be initiated with ointments and if there is no success, with surgery.

The “postectomy” (surgical correction of phimosis) is recommended when the foreskin cannot retract to expose the glans, causing pain when the penis is erect and facilitating the accumulation of secretions and then lead to the emergence of an inflammation of the glans and the foreskin (balanoposthitis) or urinary infections. There is evidence that poor hygiene is associated with the emergence of penile tumors.

It is a surgery where it is the removal of the skin of the foreskin (fold of skin) that covers the glans penis, usually under local anesthesia in adults and children in general. Although data points for skin closure, usually surgery leaves no scar. There is no difference in the aesthetic result if the surgery is done in childhood or adulthood. Should, whenever possible, for surgery on the foreskin preserve the largest possible area to protect as much of the glans.

There is no correlation in the change in adult and erection or fertility with phimosis. Many adults phimosis confused with the short penis brake that can present injury during erection or intercourse. In this case, treatment is only the brake release.

• Tyson's Glans or Preputial gland

The Tyson's Glans are structures that secrete substances that protect the penis, and may facilitate the penetration and are present in all men being responsible for the smegma production. The excessive production of smegma (white secretion that is in the glans) must be avoid with a good hygiene because the secretion may harm the man's health.

These glandes have the appearance of a row of white balls around the penis head, similar to a crown. In many men, it is almost imperceptible but in other can be very evident. The occurrence of these glans in larger size is completely natural and are not harmful to the men's health and is not characterized as a sexually transmitted disease.

Some men feel bothered with these glandes sometimes, having appearance similar to "pimples", which results in those guys request to remove them, which is usually not recommended by specialists. It is also important to remind that, showing this kind of formation, it must not be squeezed. Observing some kind of change in the glans, it is important to go through a medical evaluation to make sure it is Tyson's Glans and not some kind of STD that can cause similar injuries to the glans.