• Cryptorchidism

It is said that Cryptorchidism exist every time that is not possible to palpate a testicle in the scrotal sac. When it is not possible to find one or both testicles in the scrotal sac, the motive must be studied. This absence may be originated from congenital or acquired problems.

  • Testicles which really didn't descended
  • Testicles out of place (ectopic)
  • Testicles which are retractile or "lifted"
  • Absent testicles.

In the first two cases, the repositioning usually require surgery. The treatment of an undescended testicle unilateral or bilateral it should be done in the first two years of life. There are cases which the testicles appear extremely atrophied being recommended its removal.
The best method for diagnosing no palpable testicles is the laparoscopy.
Usually, the descent only occurs within the first year of life.
Even with the possibility of hormonal treatment, there are cases where there is still the need for surgical treatment of cryptorchidism. In the case of an inguinal hernia surgery, can be corrected in most of the cases. The importance of early identification the cases of undescended testicles is due to the fact that can appear some complications when they are not corrected in the proper time, mostly infertility in the adult age, tumor development (most of the times, bigger), occurrence of associated or twisting hernia of the undescended testicle.
It is still quite considerable negative psychological effect caused by the existence of an empty scrotal sac. The man is inhibited and insecure, as well as woman who takes of her breast.
In order to alleviate this psychological effect, there are cases in which there is the possibility of implanting a testicular prosthesis that will disguise with great perfection the absence of the testicles within the scrotal sac. This prosthesis, although has no organic function, improvements a lot the man's self-esteem.