• Penile Bioplasty – What is it and possible risks

The Penile Thickening is a wish of many men that end up eventually using the bioplastic as a goal to thicken it, which is a technique to obtain the penile increase in circumference. Although there is plenty of publicity around this procedure "non-surgical", done with local anesthesia and with immediate result, it is a technique with very dubious results. The PMMA is a synthetic product that won't be absorbed by the organism and for that reason, it won't be needed more applications but it also won't be eliminated in a natural way if needed. When there is the need of its removal, it is done by the same surgical way.

The PMMA is an authorized substance to ANVISA in case of filling with success but in the field of urologist it has presented itself, unfortunately, with many problems.

The man, mostly, seeks an application of PMMA for a thickened penis which maintain the natural appearance of a penis and with the same functions.

Before the procedure it is fundamental to check the need to do or not the “postectomy” (phimosis surgery) e also a test of allergy to the substance that will be injected but, even though with all these cares are very common that the result is not what it is expected, because it may happen many types of consequences as I observe with a great frequency in my clinic:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Skin Rejection
  • Training Nodules
  • Non-aesthetic results
  • Infections

There is also an opinion of CREMESP about the use of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which confirms the adverse reactions reported in scientific articles on the subject as well as communication of several doctors who cause damage to the body of patients, some even irreparable, with loss of vital functions.

There's been recently a huge increase of patients who have made the bioplastic and now seeks the Instituto Paulista to remove it. This removal isn't always easily made once the PMMA end up incorporating the body, which makes its removal harder to be done, but it helps a lot to alleviate the problem caused by the substance.

The main causes of its removal are the inflammatory problems or the appearance non-aesthetic of the penis after the bioplastic. It is noted nowadays, a large number of specialized clinics in this procedure but very few of them informs the risks the procedure or even the medical structure to realize the removal if needed.